Europa Therme - AeroSalzum


AeroSalzum Europa Therme

Constructed at a record time of only two months, the so-called AeroSalzum came into existence. In a naming contest with several thousand participants, the name was proposed by a spa guest from Baden-Wuerttemberg. The alpine lodge-like building in the area of the former solarium, adjacent to the indoor pool with granite ball fountains, was then called AeroSalzum. Here, up to 20 guests, sitting around the lighted salina, can enjoy the air which is enriched with saltwater. A climate like you find it at sea, said investor Richard Götz, who commissioned this individual construction that was accompanied by an enormous technical effort. With so-called venture nozzles, saline water is spread as microscopic fine nebulised aerosol.

Only visitors of the Europa Therme may use the AeroSalzum (entrance only with swimwear). The entrance fee is € 2.00. The duration of stay is unlimited.


Kurallee 23 94072 Bad Füssing
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