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Bad Füssing has many beautiful sites

The municipality Bad Füssing includes seven districts. While all of our districts are friendly, traditional and close to nature, each of them has its own charm. Along with Safferstetten and Riedenburg, Bad Füssing forms the centre of the action around the thermal spas. The district Aigen near the river Inn is a place of pilgrimage, full of history and with lots of sights. In the pictorial village Egglfing, there is the St. Michael's Church, which is considered a "guidepost of the 'Pockinger Heide' ('Pocking's heath')". Liveliness, recreational opportunities and positive village life can be found in Würding and Gögging.


Bad Füssing

Whether you use the spa area in Bad Füssing or visit the beautiful nature of Pocking's heath in spring, summer, autumn or winter - you can enjoy a wonderful break with a variety of holiday offerings all throughout the year.

Saferstetten - Holzhaus


As the original community of today’s large municipality Bad Füssing, Safferstetten can look back at a long history. Today it is, in combination with the districts Riedenburg and Bad Füssing, the centre of the action around the thermal spas.

Riedenburg Zeichnung


The scenic village of Riedenburg is located near the districts of Safferstetten and Bad Füssing. The village adds to the idyllic countryside like a painting and is both a spa resort and an oasis of peace.

Wuerding - Brunnen


Behind the buildings of the Johannesbad lies the district of Würding, which was already mentioned in the 9th century A.D. Living tradition and an active community life characterize this sympathetic place.



Visible from a distance, the copper tower of St. Michael's Church towers over the village, which once grew out of a farmstead. Egglfing is situated near the river Inn, close to the border of Austria - the Austrian neighbouring municipality is "Obernberg".

Aigen am Inn

Aigen am Inn

A statue of St. Leonard, which washed up on the banks of the River Inn, made the village Aigen, which looks back at a thousand-year-long history, a place of pilgrimage. The St. Leonard's Church and St. Leonard's museum are just some of the attractions of this traditional village.



Formerly a ducal-Bavarian market town, the village of Gögging is now more placid and closer to nature. The nearby Inn-floodplains lend themselves to bicycling and hiking tours and the Saint Michael’s church in the centre of the small village is also worth a visit.