Therme - Mann und Frau sitzen auf Beckenrand, von hinten, oben

Europa Therme - thermal bath and recreation centre

The Europa Therme is located near the spa gardens. The thermal spa welcomes its guests with a variety of highlights, which entirely serve the sense of well-being. In the 27 to 40 degrees Celsius hot water, you will find plenty of relaxation and a realm of experiences. 15 different water basins create a 3.000 m² wide thermal water landscape, which offers unequalled opportunities. Among the sensations are the flow channel, the sparkling pools, the large sulphur-gas-basin, the AeroSalzum, infrared-cabins and various solariums, and a 200-square-feet leisure pool with air bubble beds including ground bubblers and hot tubs.

A magnet for visitors is the 1.000 m² wide sauna paradise with an impressive wellness scenery: three Finnish dry saunas, a herbal steam sauna, three steam grottos, an oriental Rasul steam bath, a Russian Banja sauna, diving-, bubbling- and massage basins and much more attractions that are beneficial for your health.

Europa Therme Strömungskanal

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Welcome to the world of well-being! Swimming, sweating, relaxing or relishing - the Europa Therme offers a plethora of possibilities. Here you can find an overview of informations about the Europa Therme.

AeroSalzum Europa Therme

The AeroSalzum at the Europa Therme

Combine your visit to the Europa Therme with a trip to the sea: Breathe healthy, salty air and enjoy a maritime climate: At the AeroSalzum venturi nozzles distribute microfine healing salt water - a blessing for your respiratory system.