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How to come to Bad Füssing

No matter from where you're travelling to Bad Füssing, there are numerous possibilities to reach our city. By car you get to Bad Füssing by taking the freeway A3 Nuremberg - Passau or the federal highway B12. You can also travel by plane and with a subsequent Airport-shuttle, or by train with numerous bus connections or the nationwide pick-up service buses.

If you do not have a car of your own, you will still be mobile within Bad Füssing: With your valid electronic Spa & Guest Card you are able to use the environment-friendly buses of the local bus service, which goes through Bad Füssing and Kirchham, for free. There are also car rental and bike rental agencies available to you, as well as organised excursion trips and regular taxis.


Location plan Bad Füssing

This location map shows you the position of Bad Füssing in Germany and the distances to the most important cities.

Anreise Auto

By car

You want to travel with your own car? Bad Füssing can be reached really simple by car, by using the freeway or the B12.

Anreise Bahn klein

By train

The quickest and most comfortable way to get from A to B - the railway makes it possible.

Anreise Bus-Bahn klein

By bus and train

With the train from all of Germany to Munich and then subsequently with the bus directly to Bad Füssing.

Anreise Flugzeug

By plane

If you want to travel by plane, you have the chance to use the airport shuttle-services.


Even without your own car - be mobile in Bad Füssing

There are numerous possibilities for you to be mobile during your stay, even without your own car: The local bus service, rental cars and bike rental agencies, organised excursion trips and taxi companies.