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In the context of the DSV “Nordic-Walking centre Pockinger Heide“, we offer 22 Nordic Walking routes through Bad Füssing, Kirchham and Pocking, with 170 km total length altogether. The Nordic Walking routes provide various distances and difficulty levels. You can choose the suitable route depending on your performance level. The typically flat terrain of the "Pockinger Heide" offers ideal conditions, especially for newcomers to the sport.

Medical advantages:

  • With Nordic Walking you have 30% less strain on the musculoskeletal system, than with jogging
  • While Nordic Walking, around 600 muscles are working, that is 90% of the body's muscles
  • While Nordic Walking, you spend up to 48% more energy, than you would by doing the exact same movement anatomies without sticks
  • Nordic fitness lets your heart work economically
  • With Nordic fitness more oxygen will be pumped through the body      
  • Nordic fitness facilitates the reduction of stress hormones   
  • Nordic fitness boosts endurance, power, mobility and coordination     
  • Nordic fitness strengthens shoulder-, arm-, ventral- and leg muscles

Target groups:

Everybody, who wants to get fit in a smooth and gentle way or who needs an additional regenerative training:  

  • sports newcomers
  • persons with joints or back problems
  • overweight persons
  • seniors
  • persons with cardiovascular diseases
  • active sportsmen and competitive athletes

Ideal for back- and joint ailments! - We hope you enjoy Nordic Walking!

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