Frau wird massiert

Our health offers - for body, spirit and soul

Regaining one's strength, finding inner peace and gathering new energy: Bad Füssing, in the heart of the Bavarian spa country, is your well of health and the place where you can make your way to a new quality of life. As Germany's largest therapy centre for the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, our resort offers an almost inexhaustible range of medical spa treatments and cures. Find customized, individual therapy and activity programs, medical care and first-class rehabilitation. Furthermore, you can fulfil your wellness dreams with the wide offers of beauty treatments and wellness applications. Our holistic health program considers all components for your unlimited well-being: body, spirit and soul.


„Gesundheit ServiceCenter“ (Health ServiceCentre) - Stay fit!

Our Health ServiceCentre occupies a number of experts, who will advise you, advance you, and support you concerning your personal ambitions to become fit and stay healthy. Competence and service, lifestyle counseling and activity programs await you.


The cure in Bad Füssing

If you undertake a health cure in Bad Füssing, you make a strong contribution to your well-being. Ambulant or stationary; spa therapy, prevention therapy or rehabilitation - we would like to plan your own personal health program and inform you extensively about your way to a cure-holiday in Bad Füssing.


Wellness & beauty

As an oasis of restfulness and well-being, Bad Füssing is the perfect place to indulge yourself: Our offers of spa treatments range from wraps and scrubs to massages and baths, as well as therapies and beauty treatments carried out by experienced professionals.


Health from A - Z

Due to its unique combination of active ingredients, our healing thermal water is primarily used to treat arthritis, spinal disorders, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, gynecological disorders, and paralysis.



Concentrated expertise for your health: Our spa doctors and specialists devote themselves to your individual concerns purposefully and holistically, so that you can relax and enjoy a stay without complaints.


Alternative therapists

Whether you suffer from physical or psychological diseases, the alternative practitioners of Bad Füssing care for your personal wishes by using naturopathy or alternative medicine. Homoeopathy and acupuncture belong to the well-established procedures.



You're in good hands with Bad Füssing's therapists: Experienced and competent they search for ideal healing methods - from clinical diagnostics to individual ways of healing. Here, alternative methods go hand in hand with traditional medicine.



At our pharmacies you get medicine and medical products. The main function of our pharmacies is to advice the customers and inform them about possible side effects and drug interaction!