Kirche - Wallfahrtskirche St. Leonhard Aigen am Inn, Blätter

Reflection and mental recovery

Especially during a cure stay lots of our guests have the need for inner contemplation and recentering. The offers of the catholic and evangelical cure counselling are multifaceted: From taking part in regular church services and holy masses, over confessions, to a personal dialog with the pastors, you will find your way to calmness and harmony. The numerous old churches in our region are also open for a visit outside of Mass times and serve as the perfect setting for a short rest and a prayer. At our clinics, the “BRK-Seniorenwohnen” and the surrounding parishes you can also find suitable contact persons. Additionally, Bad Füssing's “Spiritual path” brings you to 14 stations within the city and to the bible garden. Here you will find suggestions and instructions for meditation and reflection in numerous senses.

For questions and further information please contact us at the Spa Administration:
Kur- & GästeService, Rathausstraße 8, 94072 Bad Füssing - GERMANY,
tel: +49 (0) 08531 975580, email:

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Events of the Catholic counselling

The staffs of the Catholic counselling are listening to your concerns with warmth and compassion. Prayer meetings, various shows or conversations - you are alwas welcome here.

Kirche von innen

Events of the evangelical cure counselling

Prayers, discussion groups or personal dialogue with the priest or deacon: The evangelical cure counselling is concerned about your inner well-being.

Springbrunnen - Kurpark

Spiritual path

Your way to inner health: With its stations and the bible garden, the "Geistlicher Weg" ("spiritual path") creates reflective moments and guides you to contemplation.