Frau im Wasser von oben, klein

The healing water of Bad Füssing - fountainhead of well-being

Healing elements from bubbling thermal water springs supply your body with new energy. Soothing heat relaxes and regenerates. Whoever dips into Bad Füssing's water, immediately feels the impact of our legendary healing springs. The special content of sulphide-sulphur and the ideal, neutral pH-value of 7.21 make our healing water so valuable for your health. Rheumatic diseases, spinal diseases, metabolic diseases, paralysis, gynaecological disorders, or general regenerative needs - our water and its healing powers flow through body, mind and soul and contribute to well-being and health.


Curative Water Analysis

Under the leadership of Academic Director Dr. D. Eichelsdoerfer, the Institute of Hydrochemistry and Chemical Balneology at the TU Munich has analyzed the exact contents of Bad Füssing's thermal water.

Geologissche Darstellung Heilwasser

Geological representation

Originally drilled with the intend to find oil, hot water was found instead: From deep inside the earth, the healing hot springs are bubbling through many layers of earth and into our thermal spas. Our chart impressively shows the way of the water.

Thermentafel Heilanzeigen


Because of its unique composition, Bad Füssing's thermal water helps combating many different disease patterns and mobilizes the body's immune system.