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Venue of health hosts


Your health-certified host fulfills certain criterions, which qualify him as your personal health advisor.

Some of the certified "venue of health hosts" provide prevention offers in the form of all-inclusive price packages. To see the homepages of those hotels and find out more about the prevention offers, please click on the linked names of the accommodations.

Appartementhaus Albrecht 
≈ Aktivital
Thermenhotel Apollo
≈ Active week

Haus Eleonore   
≈ Relaxation 
≈ Exercise
Pension Füssinger Alm
≈ Relaxation week

Richstein's Posthotel
≈ "Healthy & Fit"
Sanatorium "Der Tannenhof"
≈ Enjoying Exercise

Haus Josef Hager
≈ Exercise
Pension Maximilian
≈ Relaxation Week
≈ Exercise Week

Kurhotel Mürz KG / Boutique & Feelness Hotel Mürz
≈ Adiposity-week... a start into a healthier life
≈ TCM - Pain Therapy Week
≈ Desired Figure Cure... under instruction

Klinik Niederbayern
≈ Active Week
≈ Relaxation Week
≈ Mediplus Compact Week
Kurhotel Panland
≈ Healthy & Fit Week I
≈ Healthy & Fit Week II

Hotel Rossmayer
≈ Prevention Exercise
≈ Prevention Relaxation
App.-Hotel Royal
≈ Energy week Royal
≈ Active-Days Royal
≈ Relaxation-Days Royal

Kurhotel Schatzberger
≈ 7 Day Exercise and Bad Füssing LifeStyle-Training
≈Schatzberger's Prevention offer

Appartementhaus Fichtenwald
≈ 7 Days Exercise and Relaxation
≈ 4 Days Exercise
≈ 4 Days Relaxation

Haus Hildegunde
≈ Relaxation & Prevention
Appartement Uttenthaler
≈ Relaxation & Prevention

Kurhotel Vier Jahreszeiten
≈ Active for a healthy back
Flair Hotel Vino Vitalis
≈ Exercise and diet days
≈ Exercise and relaxation week

Kurhotel Wittelsbach
≈ 7 Day Exercise - Prevention package